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How to optimize your iDevices smart home with the Instant Switch

iDevices News, How to optimize your iDevices smart home with the Instant Switch
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The premise of the iDevices Instant Switch is simple — a wireless remote wall switch that can control other iDevices products*. 

The Instant Switch can be installed by anyone, hence its simplicity. Pair it via the iDevices Connected app, place the battery-powered Instant Switch on the wall using the included Command™ Strip from 3M, and you've created a wall switch without having to hire a pro, cut holes or deal with wiring. With iDevices flexible line of products, there are countless ways you can use Instant Switch for expanded control in any living space. 

Effortless 3- or 4-way setup

Every floor plan is unique, but we can all agree there are places in our homes where another light switch would add convenience. At the end of a long hallway, another location within the living or dining room, or at the top or bottom of a staircase, for example. By pairing the Instant Switch with the iDevices Wall or Dimmer Switch, you can create 3- or 4-way functionality without the hassle of installing multiple wired switches. 

Outdoor with ease

Save yourself a trip outside or to the garage while you're cozied up in your pajamas by using the Instant Switch as an alternative to turn off that porch or flood light connected to your iDevices Wall Switch. You can even control holiday and patio lights plugged into the iDevices Outdoor Switch. Think about all the fun you'll have with Halloween decorations and trick-or-treaters — flip on the Instant Switch, out pops a ghost or ghoul!

Don't reach!

Any electronic device plugged into the iDevices Switch — such as a lamp in an awkward spot in your living room — can be controlled with the Instant Switch. The same goes for any light equipped with the iDevices Socket, which can be dimmed with the Instant Switch. That means no more leaning over napping family members on holidays to turn on or dim that hard-to-reach lamp! 

Like it was always there

Designed to complement your home's decor, the Instant Switch can be installed next to an existing wall switch so it blends seamlessly — guests won't even know the difference! The Instant Switch comes with a custom faceplate and fits with any standard rocker faceplate. You can also install it standalone on the wall, of course. It's all about preference. 

Who doesn't like options?

The Instant Switch is just one more reason why iDevices is your solution for a truly smart home. Our products are compatible with Apple HomeKit™, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. They work with iOS and Android devices and can be controlled from anywhere via the iDevices Connected app. The Instant Switch doesn't replace these options, but complements them and provides added comfort, convenience and security to any home. 

*The iDevices Instant Switch isn't compatible with the iDevices Thermostat