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MacRumors: iDevices Instant Switch 'a well thought-out accessory'

iDevices News, MacRumors: iDevices Instant Switch 'a well thought-out accessory'
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MacRumors reviewed the iDevices Instant Switch, released Feb. 16, and found it "easy to set up" as well as "fast and reliable in controlling paired accessories."

"At $34.95 through Amazon and other retailers, pricing is fairly competitive with similar products, and this is a well thought-out accessory," the website states, noting that the Instant Switch only pairs with iDevices products. "If you're already invested in iDevices products, this is a great way to expand manual control of these smart home devices."

While the Instant Switch isn't directly HomeKit™ compatible, "it is indirectly compatible as it pairs with other iDevices products that are part of the HomeKit ecosystem," MacRumors writes.

For instance, if you pair an Instant Switch to an iDevices Socket, then set up a 'Scene' with the Socket and another HomeKit product, you can manually control the Scene with the Instant Switch.  

With iDevices' extensive line of products, there's so much more you can do with the Instant Switch. 

"For example, it can be paired with a hard-wired Wall Switch to provide control at another convenient place in the room without the need for wiring a second switch," MacRumors notes. "Alternatively, it can be paired with a Switch or Outdoor Switch to provide convenient control of a switched outlet located in a hard to reach place behind furniture or outside."

In addition to adding control to your iDevices products, the Instant Switch is extremely easy to install.

"The clever design of the Instant Switch makes it easy to mount and use, with an outline on the back of the switch making it easy to see where to stick the Command Strip, a ball level to ensure the switch is in proper position before sticking it to the wall, and a breakaway tab at the bottom of the switch that lets you get to the Command Strip for removal," MacRumors writes. "The rocker switch itself can also be removed by squeezing a pair of tabs on the switch, letting you access the battery for replacement."

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