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Selling your home this spring? Boost the closing price with smart home tech

iDevices News, Selling your home this spring? Boost the closing price with smart home tech
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The spring home buying season is upon us, and as the weather warms up across the country, home sales are expected to tick upward. From February to March, the Pending Home Sales Index — a leading indicator of housing activity — increased by just over 3 percent, according to NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun.

Homeowners and realtors eager to sell must pay attention to every minute detail in a home. Often overlooked is the inclusion of smart home technology. Simply replacing standard light switches, outlets and thermostats in a home with smart versions — like those offered by iDevices — can increase the value of a home for a relatively low investment. 

Boost your closing price

In fact, research conducted by the National Association of Home Builders found that installing smart home technology can help homeowners boost the closing price of their home by 3 to 5 percent.

Another study conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate found that “71 percent of buyers in a sample of 1,250 American adults want a ‘move-in ready’ house and that 57 percent of those buyers looking at older houses would consider them updated — and more appealing as move-in ready — if they have smart home features already in place,” the Washington Post reported. Another 54 percent said that if they had to choose between two houses — both identical except one is integrated with smart technology, and the other isn’t — they’d buy the smart home. Most millennials — 61 percent — said they would favor moving into a smart home, the Washington Post noted, as would 59 percent of parents with children living in the house.

Prospective homebuyers are prepared to pay thousands of dollars more for a home equipped with smart home technology, according to a survey of nearly 22,000 home shoppers conducted by John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

Sell smart with iDevices

Installing the right smart home technology is crucial. It’s difficult to sell a smart home if it isn’t functional. A mix-and-match approach may turn off the prospective homebuyer who doesn’t want to download multiple apps just to control their lights and thermostats.

iDevices offers a single solution with a diverse ecosystem of products that can be controlled via the free iDevices Connected app on both iOS and Android devices. In addition, iDevices is one of the few smart home manufacturers that offer products compatible with Apple HomeKit™, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

The iDevices Wall Switch and Dimmer Switch fit any standard rocker faceplate, meaning they fit the décor of any house — definitely something a potential buyer is looking for. The iDevices Wall Outlet is designed to fit into any home as well, and includes an energy monitoring feature. This is a great selling point to share with prospective homebuyers who are looking to save energy and lower their electric bill after their big purchase. The iDevices Thermostat is another big energy saver, offering the ability to schedule heating and cooling for optimal efficiency. Products like the iDevices Switch, Instant Switch, Outdoor Switch and Socket are also cost-effective smart additions that anyone can make to their home if they’re looking sell their house this spring and make money while doing it.